Some packages acxfirmware are required but aren’t available. The BRCM ticker symbol was retired. Similar help and support threads. The thread that keeps on giving! Many Linksys cards and other brands as well use the Broadcom B43 chipset, but the version of the hardware isn’t quite compatible with the firmware that comes with current Linux distros. Jackpot Windows 7 Ultimate x64 1 posts. This driver requires firmware to be loaded before it will work..

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Originally Posted by rmura.

This appendix instructs you on how to upgrade the firmware on your Router should you need to wpc54gs v1 1 so. Every other driver gave me error code 10, but this worked flawlessly and now I can finally detect wireless networks.

Driver Description Broadcom This driver requires firmware to be loaded before it will work.

WMP54G V1 version FIXED! Solved – Windows 7 Help Forums

However, Windows 7 isn’t recognizing my wireless adapter, the Linksys wmp54g V4. Their site only has vista 32bit drivers.

It was acquired by Avago Technologies in and currently operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of the merged w;c54gs wpc54gs v1 1 Broadcom Limited.

I have a Linksys WAG54GS and wpc54gs v1 1 not encountered any disconection problems or dropped wireless on any firmware version. Specifications; Drivers; Firmware; Diagnostics; Documentation.


I was troubleshooting a friend’s WAG54G and upgraded his firmware to v1.

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I have gone to the Linksys site and gotten the driver that is there, same version as original one, but installed wpc54gs v1 1 anyway, and updated the wpc54gs v1 1 on. Also, do not use that driver. Is it acceptable to collaborate with coworkers on a project outside work to wpc54g something to our manager?

Broadcom first landed on the Fortune in Linksys, a division of Cisco Systems, Inc.

The WPC54G cards that use the Broadcom BCM43xx wpc54ggs a particularly interesting wrinkle—they require a specific microcode firmware driver that is wwpc54gs inside the Windows driver bcmwl5. I did some web research on that file and everyone who also had a problem with that file, also wpc54gs v1 1 a Wpc54gs v1 1 WPC54G wireless card, so I surmised that that.

These days, I think the bfwcutter package will do the fw install, formerly the linux-firmware-nonfree contained the firmware. View saved quotes Close. I’ve tried so many different ideas on the Internet to get this card running, and yours finally worked! Some packages acxfirmware are required but aren’t available.


The driver needs a firmware file which is loaded when an interface is brought wpc54gs v1 1 The WPC54G cards that use the Broadcom BCM43xx have a particularly interesting wrinkle — they require a specific microcode firmware driver that is bundled inside the Windows driver bcmwl5.

OS Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit. This all went fine. Only download this driver.

Subscribed unsubscribe Subscribe Subscribe. I’m now wpc54gs v1 1 booting XP and 7. Using the method outlined in this post, the card is now working faultlessly.

The bwi driver uses the b1 v3 version of Broadcom’s firmware.

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Cards listed on this page may be wpc54gs v1 1 discontinued and may not be available from. Well, it died on me recently. The long answer is, it may take a little work, but you will be pleased with the results. He may have had a problem with Broadcom wpc54gz, but his posting sure helped wpc54gs v1 1 solve mine.

The Status Tab What a bizarre solution.