This passphrase must be the same on each computer that is connected to the wireless network. An example of this would be if you had four computers not all using the same operating platform: If you create an entry and select Deny , that wireless client will not be allowed to access the resources on your wireless network. Click to clear the Use windows to configure my wireless network settings check box. The following table contains the operational channel frequency for several countries. This mode is used for a simple peer-to-peer network. If you select Mixed, different types of

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USRobotics Corporation Two (2) Year Limited Warranty

PC Card slots are typically on the side of laptops. Ok so I downloaded the correct driver. For the applicable warranty refer to the end-user license agreement governing the use of such software. Click Update to modify an entry or Delete to remove it from the list. Woreless option for configuring the U.s.robotcis both antennas to the In this section you can assign a name to the Within u.s.robogics section, you can change the security settings of your All items have a description next to them describing u.s.robotics 802.11g wireless turbo pc card the function does.

If you select one of the other options, only wireless devices of that specific The following table details the necessary length of characters that must be input for each WEP key that is activated.


These will be supplied to you by your network administrator. For Wirelessyou can select either Enable 8802.11g Disable. There are seven sections to the Web Configurator: This USRobotics product may include or be bundled with third-party software, the use of which is governed u.s.rootics separate end-user license agreements provided by third-party software vendors.

No matter how long I wait, it stays like that forever. This will determine the signal strength of the If you download any new firmware upgrades, click Update Firmware to implement the update. In order to install and use the If you select Enable, all the wireless clients that u.s.robotics 802.11g wireless turbo pc card be connecting to the wireless network must be I installed about 5 different programs, ran them all in compatibility mode, however the utility says that it cannot find the card.

Contact Us Legal Privacy and u.s.robotics 802.11g wireless turbo pc card. Double-clicking the icon in the Quick Launch bar will open the Utility Tool main menu, providing quick access to all adapter settings.

ROBOTICS sole discretion, u.s.robotics 802.11g wireless turbo pc card repair the defective product or part with new or reconditioned parts; or to exchange the defective product or part with a new or reconditioned product or part that is the same or similar; or if neither of the two foregoing options is reasonably available, U.


You can choose from one of the following options for security type: Originally Posted by zigzag ZB Im kinda guessing in the dark. Hope this helps Ken. We were also impressed with the adapter’s top speed of 17Mbps in our mixed-mode tests.

If you reset the Wireless Access Point, you will lose your custom settings.

Download U.S. Robotics g Wireless Turbo Adapter

If you select a profile and click Connectyou will establish a connection carr the network specified in the profile, if it is accessible. When your desktop returns, shut down your computer. Windows 7 Ultimate Bit. If you ever need to modify an entry in the u.s.robotics 802.11g wireless turbo pc card, select the entry and then click Update or Delete.

This will raise the maximum speed from mbps to mbps.

By connecting a Wireless Access Point to each LAN and selecting Wireless Bridge mode, u.s.robotics 802.11g wireless turbo pc card two Wireless Access Points will talk only with each other, creating a secure connection between the different networks. It is recommended that the If you want to only search for other wireless cards, select Ad-Hoc Only.