View all 16 items in this category. Every order directly supports the DJ community Free shipping on most products to the US Fast inexpensive shipping options to Europe Every purchase is backed by the DJ TechTools “way cool” guarantee with easy returns Professional DJ staff is online and ready to help Best price guarantee. And keep watch on your Stems’ volume — the pads act as level meters for a loaded Stem file. View all 44 items in this category. Any sound imaginable becomes a building block for your own remix masterpiece. Even for people who are not familiar with the Native Instrument DJ controllers, it is accessible to anybody.

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Intuitively add your sounds to the mix with the integrated Step Sequencer for Remix Decks. The only frustration you’ll have is not buying two of them.

View all 16 items in this category. traktor f1

KRK Rokit 8 G3. Four volume faders and dedicated filter knobs allow mixing and filtering sounds loaded in traktor f1 Remix Deck slots or the four different parts of a Stem file.

Traktor Scratch Audio 6. Ableton Live 10 Suite. Mix with up to four decks plus traktor f1 stunning range of creative features for maximum mixing freedom.


Hands-on mixing is provided by an external DJ mixer. Just play with traotor knobs and buttons and you’ll get the hang of it really quickly. Or trigger trakktor arrange Remix Deck sounds with sixteen multi-color pads to add live, spontaneous flair to your performance.

View all 33 items in this category. Scroll through 4 pages of 16 pads traktor f1 the push encoder.

traktor f1 Upgrade your knobs here. Then enjoy the experience. It takes a bit of time to really put together the content you would like to use within your sets with this as the possibilities are almost endless.

With each element available independently, you can create spontaneous edits, mash-ups, instrumentals, and more. DJ Powertools House Pack. Mute and unmute Remix Deck Slots or Stem parts traktor f1 the touch of a traktor f1.

DJ TechTools – Traktor Kontrol F1

A wealth of functions deliver hands-on Remix and Stem deck control. Beyond just a simple clip triggering controller, the F1 traktor f1 four faders and filter knobs that are dedicated to each Remix Deck slot.

No additional power supply or battery is needed. It takes a few traktor f1 to go through the controls and understand how rtaktor works all together.


Ableton Live 10 Standard. Remix Decks let you slice, loop, edit and deconstruct traktor f1 — powerful performance tools directly accessible from the F1.

View all 44 items in this category. I use it mostly for instant FX and looping.

View all 13 items in this category. All while watching your Stems levels traktor f1 real-time — the pads light-up as level meters for each stem. DJTT has some phenomenal mapping files and tutorials that utilize the F1 too!

Traktor f1 Performance Sound Packs Vol. Komplete Kontrol S49 MK2. The F1 enhances all-in-one DJ controllers with four-deck simultaneous control. Great addition to my traktor f1 rig! Color-coded performance pads to remix, re-edit, and set your creativity in motion.

A great product that’s worth every penny! KRK Rokit 6 G3.