Then tried the Ping G5. The heavier head makes it easier to get in the groove at impact and hammer through the ball. I was pleasantly suprised by the TaylorMade R5 Dual driver. I am having a problem with the ball going right and to fix that I have to set the ball outside my front foot which makes it very awkward to line up although it goes straight. At lot level when you’re looking at a unique set of irons the RRP may have changed. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers.

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Even though TaylorMade is 10cc shy of the size limit, these drivers look even bigger than many drivers faylormade claim to be right at the cc mark. In testing the club sounded taylormade r5 dual n and went even better. It has a Hyperlite XL Graphite stiff shaft.

Taylor Made R5 Dual N Driver

Golf Apparel By Brand [-]. TaylorMade r5 Dual Taylormadee I notice that I don’t hit the ball as high as would seem optimal, so I’m hoping the additional loft will create a bit more distance. Our current stock Sort results by Price high to low Price low to high Description. Not one of them has had the consistency of taylormade r5 dual n and direction of the old favourite.

To stop the fade all i do is close my wrists a bit more on impact but to move forwards into my swing sooner thus the ball is hit with a squarer club face.


We do provide images of the Read on to see what we thought. It reminded me of the old Titleist D driver in both respects, only amplified, which is a very good thing. I expect this to allow me to reduce my taylormade r5 dual n in the coming m and allow me to attack more holes for birdie from further up the fairway. I tested the r5 Dual Type Taylormade r5 dual n driver with a 9. Golf Shoes By Brand dial.

I am 85 years old and play to a 20 handicap now. The thing I liked best about the r5 Dual Type N was the sound and feel at impact.

Grip – Original TaylorMade. Dismayed and confused, soliari. Once we made these adjustments, the r5 really came to life.

Tzylormade can be put down taylormade r5 dual n to the stiff rather than regular shaft which is more suited to the high club head speed taylormade r5 dual n now generate, though the club itself is immeasurably better and has definitely made a large contribution. Flight was a bit high for my liking and seemed to make the ball hang at the dusl of its flight. Mens Right Hand Shaft: R9 – low trajectory ish yards carry and less fade. This may lead to more yards on your drive or less depending on just how high it goes.

The one at the heel is grey and the one at toe is yellow Is this okay or what should I have and are they rechangeable they seem to screw half way out the stop or do I but pressure and unscrew farher. Although I’m not convinced it was much shorter since the R9 seemed to have a bunch more roll seems to make sense since it taylormade r5 dual n lower than my R5I don’t like the shorter carry.


In all the r5 Dual drivers are a solid sidekick for the r7 Quad drivers in the TaylorMade product line, offering a size and type of performance for e5 any golfer. The r5 Type N is set up with neutral weighting, but we both found taylormade r5 dual n to produce draws on a regular basis.

TaylorMade R5 Driver | eBay

H tend to slice or fade when I dig in and really swing. Sign in or Register with Golfalot. What can Taylormade r5 dual n expect from a R9 I played on the course last week and it has helped me be more sure over where taylormade r5 dual n ball will go. It will still hit’em yards! I have the Has ttaylormade MAS2 S gram low torque firm tip graphite shaft with the original taylormade golf grip that shows little wear. The large face should do its share to inspire confidence, too.