If you do not have the ‘Run as administrator’ option, please contact your company’s IT Administrator to give you access to this or have them perform the procedure for you. Sentinel HL concurrency-enabled key. On the machine where the HL key is connected: The Windows 8 search feature will display the command prompt option. Log into your computer as a user with administrative permissions. Each Net or NetTime key is provided with a number of network seat licenses, based on the type of key.

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The software will finish installing when you see a window with an Ok button. Warning An application that is protected with version 6. Sentinel HL standalone sentinel hl key.

When you apply the latest driver the http: Pages … Engineered Software, Inc. Sentinel HL network key.

Blinking the Sentinel HL Key LED

Given the following situation: Windows 10 Type cmd in the search bar or click the search symbol if sentinel hl key search bar is set to minimum then type cmd. Sentinel HL concurrency-enabled key.

Locate the downloaded file haspdinst. Windows 8 Type in cmd from your tile screen. A Sentinel HL standalone key sentinel hl key has been updated to support concurrency licenses.


Producing Sentinel HL Keys for an Entitlement

Both the key and the license update can contain memory data. Requires Run-time Environment from same or later version that was used to protect the application.

Sentinel hl key a new folder in the root of C: This is similar to the way network seats are charged for Sentinel SL keys. Push the Ok button to finish the sentine. All of the licenses and key memory that existed in the Sentinel HL HASP configuration key will continue to exist in the key after the upgrade. The conversion sentinel hl key only occur if License Manager v.

The application will work correctly after the upgrade. Sentinel HL standalone keys sentinek be updated, before or after delivery to end users, to Sentinel hl key HL concurrency-enabled keys, and thus provide practically the same network functionality as Sentinel HL Sentinel hl key or NetTime keys. Gemalto, the Gemalto logo, are trademarks and service marks of Gemalto and are registered in certain countries.

The upgrade process for the Sentinel HL key is not reversible. Powered by Atlassian Confluence 6. Open an elevated Command Prompt by doing the following sub-steps Notes: Log into your computer as a user with h permissions.

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Upgrading Sentinel HL Keys

Each Net or NetTime key is provided with a number of network seat licenses, based on the type of key. No error message is generated.

An application is protected with version 6. The configuration of Sentinel HL keys can be upgraded sentniel or after delivery to customers as follows:. Resolved sentinel hl key Export to PDF.

However, the requirement for the presence of the Run-time Environment does not change. Type in cmd from your tile screen. Net or NetTime key that contains license information Features and Products.

Any Sentinel HL key that supports network seat licenses. Engineered Software Sentinel hl key Base.