However, with the invention of USB 3. I’m surprised that only one company has ever manufactured something like this unless there’s a patent on it. Therefore, it is now possible to manufacture a USB 3. I want one, too. This is what my research has found:. If it does not, then you can add an inexpensive PCI firewire expansion card see photo on the right.

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The reason I ask is that there pinnacle firewire lots of express-to-firewire cards available. Windows XP, Windows Vista 32bit driver 6,6mb.

Where can I get USB to Firewire converter? – VideoHelp Forum

For DV camcorders MiniDV, Digital8 etcvideo is copied from the camcorder pinnacle firewire the computer hard drive via a firewire cable.

I’d think something like this would be in big demand. Worse still, the breakout box will be using a lossy digital compression format which will lose even more picture quality. I pinnzcle to check when I bought it six years ago because, like pinnacle firewire, I presumed it was standard.

Pinnacle Systems Studio DV Firewire/1394 Video Capture Card Editing System

pinnacle firewire I’m surprised that only one company has ever manufactured something like this unless there’s a patent on it. It was tried years ago by a couple niche Mac vendors and bombed disastrously: I recommend buying a second-hand HP EliteBook which is the most recent and powerful laptop with Firewire.

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K-Lite Codec Pinnacle firewire Standard Where can I get Firewife 3. It is far better to find a solution which copies the exact digital DV video data from the camcorder to your computer’s hard drive without any conversion taking place.

So it would likely require a external power supply. A generic no-name supplier is unlikely to produce it on its own: For example, I’ve seen this http: Pinnacle who make MovieBox were bought out by Avid a few years ago but they firswire with production, so you may pinnacle firewire it referred to as Pinnacle MovieBox or Avid MovieBox.

However, most modern laptops do not come supplied pinnacle firewire an expansion slot, as USB is seen to be the modern method of expanding a laptop.

pinnacle firewire Of course, Dell Inspiron N laptop has 1 no firewire port and 2 no “expresscard” slot. Versions before 14 only support earlier versions of Windows. Originally Posted by vhelp. Or if there pinnacle firewire already an existing link that has ‘solved’ this problem Pinnacle firewire pinacle link to it. I wanted to know if it could make a conversion from DV to USB, and my software on the netbook I use Adobe Premiere Elements could access the camera and if Asus h with 1,6 Atom prosessor could do the job of importing video.

Its a pain maintaining a computer museum firesire run my stuff.

But I didn’t find anything that were worth buying and testing I hate to have to buy a very expensive player or another older PC to solve this problem. I want one, pinnnacle. That software in many cases hasn’t been updated in ten years, so wouldn’t necessarily be compatible with Windows 8, 10 or current versions of MacOS patched thru an oddball adapter.


Something like THIS is about pinnacle firewire near as you’ll get if you can pinnacle firewire find one for sale anywhere By tarrickb in forum Capturing.

Originally Posted by sqgl. Before we discuss how to capture DV video over USB, let’s look at how you might be able to add a pinnacle firewire port to your desktop or laptop computer if it does not pinnacle firewire have one.

I’d think companies could make a fortune by manufacturing such a device. You’re not seeing such a converter for several marketing reasons, aside from any technical hurdles.

If you have a large collection of tapes it might be worth looking at MovieBox before it becomes more difficult pinnacle firewire find. Last edited by pandy; pinnacle firewire Feb at