This technology did a very good job and is an excellent feature to include for those who worry about uniformity of images and colour. It can swivel left and right and has a total movement of about 90 degrees, although it might take an extra push to get it going at first. There does not appear to be a means of emulating Photoshop’s Black Point Compensation in MultiProfiler, so I might attribute contrast differences to that. The bezel around the screen is small and thin and gives the screen an attractive and sleek feel. Calibrated Settings, ‘High Bright’ Mode. It didn’t quite cover all the green shades and was a little too wide in reds. Types P Protanopia , D Deutanopia and T Tritanopia emulate color vision dichromacy, and Grayscale can be used for evaluating contrast legibility.

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If viewing extremely off-axis, we will nec pa241w changes in color and brightness as is expected. The Auto Black Level adjustment feature improves darker gradations and contrast even in cases where the computer produces discrepancies of signal level for b lack sections of animage.

Tilt, pivot, rotate and height adjustment. This was improved massively from the default of 4.

This eliminates the hassle of printing multiple times, increasing work efficiency nec pa241w saving resources. Pleasing to see that the sRGB emulation mode helped reduce the colour space close to the reference gamut, and also allowed for some fairly decent colour accuracy once calibrated.

Sadly no memory card reader on this model though, which is something I find nec pa241w personally. Types P ProtanopiaD Deutanopia and T Tritanopia nce color vision dichromacy, and Grayscale can be used for evaluating contrast legibility.

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No dynamic contrast ratio option available. It allows multiple computers to be connected to the monitor through Nec pa241w and share the nec pa241w USB devices, such as a keyboard and mouse, saving desktop space and increasing productivity.

I tested the screen with colour gradients in each of these calibrated preset modes.

We will test that shortly. Colour accuracy was again improved well, with dE average dropping from default of 2. This gamut is right in line with what we have nce seeing for wide-gamut monitors. This review assumes the user would be nec pa241w either of the NEC programs for calibrating this display since they are the nec pa241w available means of accessing the internal graphics.

NEC MultiSync PAW Monitor Review |

See our ICC profile database for more information. The nec pa241w features a normal Anti-glare AG coating as opposed to any glossy solution. Pros Cons Excellent colour accuracy once calibrated Fairly moderate responsiveness Huge range of presets, options, pa421w for professional colour use Mediocre black depth and contrast ratio in some calibrated preset modes ColorComp works very well to improve uniformity High price nec pa241w due to product positioning.

Wide colour gamut image quality setting suited for print design and high performance digital cameras. The Picture by Picture window can display the video source in the same nec pa241w an alternate color space.

This is designed to improve black depth at wide angles, but is rarely used nowadays. Once I dialed that in, it was remarkable how close the on nec pa241w image was to my prints. Above I have plotted the colour accuracy reports from the NEC PAW best results in ‘High Bright’ mode aganist the results of other competing models nec pa241w this range we have tested.


The PAW achieves The internal accurate Feedback Sensor makes possible high a ccuracy adjustment to the desired display characteristics even without an external colour sensor. This is not suitable for any colour critical work, and calibration is essential if you want more accurate colours. I will of course test the screen with the P241w turned nwc in a moment. Black bezel and base, silver stand.

OSD On Screen Display controls allow nec pa241w to quickly and easily nec pa241w all elements of their screen image via simple-to-use on screen menus.

nec pa241w

NEC MultiSync PA241W

Those of us used to nec pa241w in Photoshop may find this a bit disconcerting. Colour accuracy was still poor with dE average of 4. It offers a full 1, nec pa241w 1, resolution and has many features familiar from Dell’s excellent UltraSharp screens. Again, calibration is needed. There is no problem viewing image uniformly from one side of the display to the other. Nec pa241w restored my graphics card to default settings and set it to its standard profile.