Below you can find extracted firmwares as provided from other users. He told me, go to your distributor. The Standardversion GEN was detected as master by the bios, but winxppro hangs while the “Knightrider”-light is on the bootupscreen. NET Advanced Edition 2. The process is quite easy, please visit this thread! Can you backup that firmware and send it over? It can be found pre-installed at several laptops but also sold seperatly at stores.

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Reviews Around the Web. On the other hand, since the product is intended to be used with notebook PCs, no cables are required and no mounting screws are needed. We would like to see some software support though, but nowadays, burning software is not so nec 6500a to find over the internet. Below you can find extracted firmwares as provided from other nec 6500a.

If you have something different please let us know! What is going on?

NEC NDA Firmware Downloads – Firmware HQ

Will I loose my warranty if I decide to use any of the hosted firmwares? I have no DL media to burn but I guess it nec 6500a work properly. Some drives are shipped from NEC with different firmware revisions such as 2. Active OPC constantly monitors the sensitivity of the media and adjusts the laser strength to achieve the nec 6500a possible results.


NEC NDA official firmware overview

I had posted a question and cannot find it, why you deleted it? Hi sorry i was gone for a couple of days. I’m nex firmware C which came with my dell NEC introduced 66500a June of their first, ultra compact double layer burner, with the nec 6500a to bring high nec 6500a, fast DVD burning to laptop users, without the need for external drive enclosures.

News Around The Web. Afterall, speed is not an issue for this product, since notebooks are commonly used for professional reasons. Well we have nec 6500a good friend that sends them over, nec official website updates are rather slow We flashed the drive successfully with their latest firmware version, v2.

It is extremenly light weight, adding only 0. This ned can easily be replaced with your laptop DVD bezel.

I have RitekG05 or any other media and I would like to know how i can burn them at 8X, which firmware will do the job? Although you might notice several similarities with the NDA model, in order to minimise its size, NEC has hec a totally different laser pick-up mechanism. The activity led lights nec 6500a 5600a when the drive is writing nec 6500a reading.


LG Electronics’ Profit Down Please visit this page and nec 6500a at the bottom signature!

The process is quite easy, please visit this thread! Don’t panic, your firmware and 2. He is not able to put in any parameters to change anything. nec 6500a

ND-6500A Optical Drive

In order to convert a 4. But my distributor doesn’t nec 6500a how he has to flash it. He knows how it works.

I was curius about this. Hello, i am trying to upgrade a Gericom Webshox Per4mance Bios 1.

It does this by analyzing the reflection from the media’s surface. Nec 6500a yes, it does recognize my drive as A, is that not normal? NEC uses a black front bezel. In this review, we will be comparing the drive with the LiteOn Nec 6500a and the LaCie d2 drive, since all these drives have similar specifications.