Printer memory is full. Make sure you are using a high-quality cable. The lights can either be on, off or blinking. Light patterns provide both status and error messages. Reset the printer by briefly turning the printer off and back on. If the light pattern appears again, contact your dealer or HP service representative.

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The Difference Between an HP LaserJet 6P & 6MP

Data light and Ready light both remain on – There is unprinted data in the printer. With the Microfine toner print cartridge installed, the net weight for each printer is No action is needed. Data and Ready lights hp 6p printer – Continuable Error. Depending on which text editor you’re hp 6p printer into, you might have to add the italics to the site name.

Also included are a LocalTalk port for connecting to pronter Mac computer and an infrared port for wireless connectivity. However, there are a few differences between the two printers that place the 6MP slightly above the 6P. If the Manual Hp 6p printer option is turned on, the printer will automatically print on the media located in Tray 1.


The Difference Between an HP LaserJet 6P & 6MP |

Press Go to resume printing. Ready light on – IO Error. Error, Data and Ready lights on – Temporary Error.

Error, Data and Tray 1 lights on – Temporary Error. The page will automatically reprint.

Use Tray 1 to print envelopes, labels, transparencies, cardstock or custom-sized media. Check the printer settings to ensure they are correct.

HP LaserJet 6P Printer series

Add desired media into Tray 1. They are similar in many respects, and either printer can be a good choice for your office. Hp 6p printer cable between the printer and computer has a bad connection or the cable is of poor quality. The manual feed feature allows you to feed paper from Tray 1 rather than automatically feeding jp Tray 2.

The printer detected a temporary error condition. Press Go to clear the error message and hp 6p printer the job again. Accessed 26 July They consist of a large B-type connector and one small C-type connector. Prlnter paper to Tray 2.


Tray 1 multi-purpose holds up to sheets of paper or up to 10 envelopes. If you continue to lose lrinter you may need to add more printer memory. Ready and Tray 1 lights on – Continuable Error. Make sure hp 6p printer are using a high-quality cable. Media Each printer has two trays: The 6P and 6MP have a height of 7. Ready Light on – Printer is ready to print. If the same light pattern appears, turn the printer off for 10 minutes.

If the light pattern appears again, contact your hp 6p printer or HP service representative. Tray 1 and Tray 2 lights on – Temporary Error. If Tray 1 is empty, the Tray 1 status light will remain on until media has been loaded. This could cause a paper jam. A secondary light pattern will indicate the specific error: