Take a look at this Hackaday post to see how it can be done. This particular motor is rated at ma maximum. The way you do that is to cut that little trace in the APWR jumper, thus ‘opening’ the jumper. You can reprogram the Easy Stepper through the programming port on the backside of the Easy stepper. These knock-off manufacturers will normally strip off the “SchmalzHaus. The LED should come on and stay on.

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When you got all that assembled you still wtepper to write and upload some code to run the driver, but before you can do that you also need easy stepper find your USB cable and if the code doesn’t work you have to debug it.

Easy Stepper. Test your Motor or Stepper Driver

You easy stepper reprogram the Easy Stepper through the programming port on the backside of the Easy stepper. This will prevent any power from flowing through the built-in voltage regulator, thus preventing it from ever heating up.

Instead, what you need to do is put a volt meter eady the TP1 test point which is connected to the VRef pin on the driver chip and measure its voltage with respect to ground.

This means that the Enable pin needs to get pulled up to 5V instead of down to GND for the stepper driver to work. Take a look at this Hackaday post to see how it easy stepper be done.

Easy Stepper – RepRap

For that easy stepper we have chosen not to use colors in this description. The Use-Enable solder jumper should not be used with the standard firmware. With the 8 easy stepper Uni-polar stepper motor things start to easy stepper complicated and there are different ways that they can be constructed but here are two examples.


Over the years, the Easy Easy stepper has become popular enough that lots of people have copied it and are making and selling it. For this article I wont get into why, or how, but unlike typical motors, steppers are able to do all of this, and hold their position when they are not moving — You pay for this by essentially powering them at full power all the time, but you get total control in return. Test your Motor or Stepper Driver.

Easy Stepper Driver — Firefly Experiments

Easy stepper supply 12V 7A. None of easy stepper support me in any way, but I end up fielding tech support for their boards because people write to me with questions. Please note that the Easy Stepper does not come with a stepper driver or stepper motor included. When you turn the potentiometer counterclockwise past the center the stepper motor will start turning in the other direction.

Easy Stepper Eawy Control. This particular motor is rated at ma maximum. Do not connect anything else to the Easy stepper. The further you turn the potentiometer the faster the motor turns and when you turn the potentiometer back the stepper will slow down again.

Easy stepper has been known to ship boards with resistors or capacitors missing. And you can control them relatively easily with your arduino and some Transistors — But today I wanted to do a quick article on hooking up the EasyDriver Stepper Motor Driver sold from sparkfun, the eay easy stepper stepper motorand your Arduino.

And again, all measurements should be over 1MOhm.

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The further eaasy turn the potentiometer the faster the motor turns and when you turn the easy stepper back the stepper will slow down again. To use the EasyDriver with 3. The license that the EasyDriver is released under requires at least some attribution.

The controls are really simple. When the potentiometer is centered the stepper motor will stand still.

Example 1.5: Moving when a button is pressed

Retrieved from ” https: Unlike a typical motor, steppers actually are stronger when moving slower. Instead, if you already have a 5V power supply in your project say a switching power supply that’s powering your easy stepperyou can use that 5V power supply to power the Easy Driver as well as your other components. Doing it on the Easy Stepper will make it incompatible with regular stepper drivers until changed back so we recommend doing it on the stepper driver instead.

So… The EasyDriver does something called micro stepping, it breaks down that minimum step into smaller micro steps, in this case 8 micro easy stepper per step. The PCB outline is based on easy stepper Sick of Beige PCB from Easy stepper Prototypes but the size that I wanted wasen’t in the library so I made my own version of the library with a 10mm increment all the way from 20X20mm to Xmm with both unplated and plated mounting holes.